Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
The 3D Crystal Square

When a line passing through the center of a crystal divides the crystal into two, three, four or six identical portions, it has a center of symmetry. This type of symmetry is called enantiomorphic.

Traditional electron crystallography relies on high resolution images to collect phase and diffraction information. However, motion and drift make these images unreliable.

3D Photo Cube

The 3D Crystal Square is a unique way to show off your favorite memories. It features a crystal block with an LED light base. The lights give a multicolored effect that enhances the images in the crystal. These photos make great gifts for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, valentine’s day, or any other special occasion.

PhotoCube is a prototype photo browser built on top of ObjectCube. It uses the under- lying ObjectCube data model and supports browsing in three dimensions (some or all of which may be active simultaneously). It also allows you to drill down on tags, apply filters, and change viewing angles.

Give your loved ones a gift they’ll never forget with a high definition 3D crystal image. This timeless keepsake is perfect for capturing cherished moments from weddings, game nights, vacations, or any other events. Engrave your loved ones’ faces in a clear crystal that won’t wear or tear over time. Our crystals are sure to bring a smile to your recipient’s face every time they see it.

Crystal Necklace

Crystal necklaces are the perfect accessory to help you manifest your goals, balance your chakras, and keep your Law of Attraction intentions close to heart. They also make a thoughtful gift for someone special in your life.

Choose a crystal necklace that holds meaning to the recipient, whether it’s rose quartz for romance or citrine for abundance. Then, lay down in a comfortable position and place the necklace strands over your chakras to connect with the unique healing properties of each crystal.

While there’s no scientific evidence that crystals cure disease, it is true that the placebo effect can be powerful. Additionally, the vibrations of the crystals are absorbed through the skin and can help improve your well-being.

Crystal Diamond

This is a stunning crystal award that is shaped like a diamond and features a frosted white etching. It can be engraved with a personal message or logo to make it a unique corporate gift or keepsake. It is a perfect gift for any occasion and looks elegant displayed on a desk or table.

It also exhibits one of the highest known room-temperature thermal conductivities of 2200 W/(m*K), comparable with highly sp3 amorphous carbon films [21].

The HPHT single-crystal diamond was characterized by using an X-ray diffractometer (D8 ADVANCE, Bruker) with Cu Ka radiation and laser confocal Raman spectrometer (LabRAM Odyssey, HORIBA) in backscattering geometry. The epoxy-filled holes were ablated with a 193 nm ArF excimer laser at a repetition rate (5 Hz) and an energy (40-65 mJ) lower than those used for the external standards (10 Hz, 90-110 mJ). The chemical composition was determined by LA-ICP-MS. The results showed that the major and minor element concentrations remained unmodified during the melting procedure.

Crystal Award

Crystal awards are premium recognition pieces engraved with the recipient’s name and date. They are frequently used to honor milestones, important achievements or special people. They can also be a great way to motivate employees, especially in times of need. Typically, they come in many different designs and themes. They are ideal for recognizing employees upon reaching sales goals, announcing retirements or as a thank you gift after a promotion.

Artisans hand-etch the engraved dates and recipient’s names into the crystal award using a technique called sandblasting. First, the crystal undergoes an ultraviolet vacuum table exposure procedure to create a mask. Then, a blasting wand shoots aluminum oxide into the area that doesn’t have the mask. Once the engraving is complete, the crystal is placed in a water tank to soften the mask and then inspected for any etch marks or smudges. This process is time consuming and can produce more intricate designs than laser engraving, but it results in an amazing crystal award.